Thank you very much for your submission. Full paper submission is now closed.

You will receive a comment by reviewers by 30th June, 2011. If this comment asks you to make modifications, please submit your revised paper by July 15, 2011.

APSA 2011 cordially invites proposals for individual papers. Abstracts should contain the central theme (title) and 3-5 keywords in 500 words and be submitted by online from the mid-December 2010. Proposals will preferably address one or more of the following sub-themes:

Participants who wish to make scientific contributions are invited to submit abstracts via Web Site. Dead line for Abstract Submission is 31 March 2011.

  • The abstract must be written in English and contain a brief, clear statement of conclusion.
  • The name of the presenting author must appear first on the list of authors.
  • The abstract body should be approximately 500 words.
  • Abstracts sent by fax or e-mail cannot be accepted.
  • One could submit only one paper as a presenting author. If you would like to submit several papers, please registered your co-author as a presenting author.

Select a topic from the topic list when submitting. The topic selected by authors may be changed by the Program Committee.

In case of genuine difficulties, please contact the Conference Secretariat for Abstract Submission:

The submitted abstracts will be reviewed, and then the corresponding author will be notified of the paper’s acceptance or rejection.

  • Abstracts submitted by 15 February
    The notification will be sent by 31 March.
  • Abstracts submitted after 15 February
    The notification will be sent by 11 April.

Once the abstract is accepted, you should submit a full paper to the secretariat by 10 May [Extended] 31st, May, 2011.
The template of Full Paper : APSA 2011 Paper Guidelines (MS Word)

After submission of your abstract and full paper, we ask you to finish your registration as soon as possible to secure your presentation on the final conference program.

*If you asked to make revisions by reviewers, please submit your revised paper by July 15, 2011.

THEME I: Inclusion/ Contestation/ Empowerment

  1. Identity/ Places of Community
  2. Empowerment and Participation I
  3. Contestations/ Social Construction of Space
  4. Market Mechanisms and Segregation
  5. Empowerment and Participation II
  6. Collaborative Planning and Governance
  7. Public Open Space

THEME M: Managing/ Planning Metropolitan Change

  1. Urban-Rural Linkages
  2. Transformation Housing Stock
  3. Metropolitan Agriculture
  4. Understanding and Managing Sprawl
  5. Affordable Housing
  6. Planning Models/ Theories

THEME E: Environmental Sustainability/ Resilience

  1. Vulnerability and Climate Change
  2. Defining Sustainability/ Environmental Consciousness
  3. Practical steps towards Low Carbon City
  4. Modeling Environmental Impact
  5. Environmental Planning Strategies
  6. Disaster Preparedness/ Reconstruction

THEME T: Transport/ Infrastructure/ Mobility

  1. Transportation and Urban Form
  2. Mobility and Behaviour
  3. Various Perspectives
  4. Alternative Mobilities

THEME C: Culture/ Conservation/ Tourism

  1. Conservation, Toursim and Everyday Life
  2. Traditional Values vs. modern Development
  3. Urban Regeneration and Culture/ Creativity
  4. Traditional Concepts of Space
  5. Regeneration and Everyday Spaces
  6. Industrial/ Natural Heritage and Tourism

Poster Presentation

    Oral Presentation

    • Equipment for projection of PowerPoint presentations onto a single screen will be available in all session rooms.

    * Click here to see Presentation Guideline for Oral Presentation

    Poster Presentation

    • You will be allocated a space in Poster Presentation Area at the Congress where you can post visual materials and offer in-person commentary and discussion. Presenting authors for posters will be requested to be available during this discussion time.

    * Click here to see Presentation Guideline for Poster Presentation

    * Notes:

    • Authors ( oral /poster) are responsible for the Congress registration, travel and accommodation.
    • All abstracts accepted for presentation ( oral /poster) will be published in the Conference Abstract Book and distributed to attendees.
    • All full papers accepted for presentation will be published on the CD-ROM and distributed to attendees.
    • Final full papers received after 15th, July, 2011 cannot be accepted and therefore will not be considered for the program or publication.